RBL St James’s Virtually a Branch!

Whilst the RBL membership in general, experiences change in some very different ways; largely influenced by issues that weren’t even considered 40 years ago. Our membership would be very surprised at how St. James’s Branch digital offering has evolved in recent years.

New Branches

New Branches have evolved in various ways. The creation of specialist branches, Riders Branches, Cyclist Branches etc. The closure of Clubs and, thankfully, new clubs being created along with the merger of many more. The increase in overseas Branches across the globe, not just enhanced relics from the past, but new Branches established by expat communities and branches created in armed forces communities plus a myriad of other locations.

St James’s Evolution

One of the most important evolutions has been the foresight shown by previous members of the St James’s Branch Committee in developing our online offerings to our 18 thousand (approx) branch members across the globe. Currently, we offer information across four digital platforms, this website and three “Our Man” social media platforms; the links to which you will find on the front news page. The success of these offerings can be measured by the following astonishing figures.

  • Over 23 thousand hits per annum across our 4 platforms.
  • Over 2 thousand words published every week.
  • The St James’s Branch website is updated 3/4 times every week.
  • During peak interest, Festival of Remembrance, membership renewals. elections etc. We experience upward of 1 thousand hits per day,
  • The 3 “Our Man” platforms are updated 6/7 times every week.
  • Any contact made via the Website has a response within 36 hours.
  • All of the platforms are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

A truly virtual offering in a digital age, that welcomes contact and opinion from all members, whatever the question.