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A unique membership offer from the RBL

The St. James’s Branch offering has evolved in recent years.

One of the most important evolutions has been driven by the foresight shown by previous members of the St James’s Branch Committee. They saw the need for developing our online offerings to our 12 thousand (approx) branch members across the globe. Currently, we offer information across four digital platforms, this website, and three “Our Man” social media platforms; the links to which you will find on the “Notes from the Editor” page. The success of these offerings can be measured by the following figures.

  • Over 19 thousand hits per annum across our 4 platforms.
  • Over 2 thousand words are published every week.
  • The St James’s Branch website is updated 3/4 times every week.
  • During peak interest, Festival of Remembrance, membership renewals. elections etc. We experience upward of                   1 hundred hits per day,
  • Across the 3 “Our Man” platforms there are updates 6/7 times every week.
  • Any contact made via the Website has a response within 36 hours.
  • All of the platforms are monitored 365 days a year.

A truly virtual offering in a digital age welcoming contact and opinion from all members, whatever the question.

Join Us

Join the St James’s Branch Management Committee, where you will have the opportunity to:-

  • Shape the future of The Royal British Legion’s largest branch (circa 16k members) and influence the decision-makers leading the UK’s largest Armed Forces Charity.
  • Enhance your CV; employers appreciate the dedication and drive it takes to be a volunteer. 
  • Develop your interpersonal skills; debating, resolution, and listening to all arguments/opinions have a major impact on your ability to understand new or different concepts.
  • Be heard; new successes, initiatives, and perspectives are the lifeblood of a successful team, your ideas will help.
  • Learn; from veterans, business owners, and charity workers, an appreciation of learning from history, taking the best ideas forward and finding new opportunities.
  • Enjoy new friendships; our current team is a diverse bunch of characters, who, whilst taking their roles very seriously, never, take themselves too seriously!

Royal British Legion St James’s Branch is entering an exciting phase of its evolution in the fourth decade of operations. About Us With new initiatives being planned to raise our profile along with new grant-making plans to ensure our continued effectiveness. we are looking for new members to shape our future ambitions

We look forward to hearing from you, we particularly encourage applications from those of you who were born after 1987 (though not exclusively!)  You can contact us here

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