Latest News 10/01/21

Christmas is back in the loft until December, everything has been tidied up and 2021 is slowly unwrapping itself to reveal a very similar set of challenges to last year, perhaps?


Stories abound of the magnificent efforts all our homes made on behalf of our residents over the festive period. First-hand reports have been effusive in the atmosphere that was so generously created by the staff across RBL’s care homes group. 
The New Year is promising to bring all the “New Normal!” challenges in the short term but with a firm promise of better things to come later in the year. Safety-first and one step at a time will be the mottos for the foreseeable future, however, avoiding the lurking jeopardies of the pandemic remains an absolute priority.
One major cause for celebration will be the centenary of the British Legion (No Royal in those days!). We celebrate 100 years since, as the Last Post sounded, four wreaths were placed at the foot of the Cenotaph in London at 09:00 on Sunday 15th May 1921. At the centre of each wreath was the device of an ex-service organisation. Thus sealing a solemn accord; the foundation of the British Legion.
There will be plenty to celebrate and ponder, not the least of which will be the continuing success of the Royal British Legion’s care homes group. This sector within the RBL has evolved according to need, ambition and careful financial husbandry into the award-winning group of homes we have today. By the time we get to the 21st May 2121 our six homes, Maurice House, opened 1946, Halsey House ’48, Lister House ’50, Galanos House ’67, Mais House ’93 and Dunkirk Memorial House ’95 will have contributed over 300 years of residential care from their original conception dates. A triple century worth celebrating!
Stay safe and best regards for 2121,

In an exciting development, RBL St James’s Branch has agreed on a formal affiliation with all of the Royal British Legion’s six care homes.

The homes, including five with specialist dementia care, are designed to be a home from home for our residents and visitors. They have created warm and welcoming atmospheres, with spacious rooms, beautiful outdoor spaces and relaxing lounge areas. As care homes designed for veterans and their families, there is also a unique camaraderie and their residents often establish strong friendships and bond over their shared experiences.

The Affiliation.

As part of the affiliation, RBL St James’s Branch will be designating substantial funds annually, to support all the amenities teams in achieving satisfactory funding levels. The Operations Directorate along with the Head of Care Services will field all funding requests to St James’s and prioritise them by the perceived benefit to our residents. This will ensure that we will be able to target funding more efficiently.

Just as importantly this page has been created to enable all of our care homes to promote their award-winning initiatives, the unique events and activities they provide for their residents and demonstrate why all our homes have a unique place in the care and support of our veterans along with their families.

Whilst this affiliation does not supersede any relationships that any care homes have with RBL Branches local to them, it does offer membership to our residents/families should they want to join the Royal British Legion where there is no local option available.

We hope that we have many opportunities to tell our members about the countless stories that reinforce the notion that the Royal British Legion Care Homes are amongst the very best in the sector.