The St James’s Branch Chairman has sent me the following communique from the National District MSO   Can you please let me know how many tickets you would ideally like for your Branch for the Cenotaph march past. I need this information by close of play on the 1st June 2018.   At this stage, we are simply bidding for the number of tickets that we would like. Last year we got allocated as many as we asked for but demand is expected to be particularly high so we cannot guarantee that we will be as lucky this year. In the event that we are allocated fewer tickets than we bid for I will divide these amongst your branches proportionally based on how many tickets each Branch asked for.   I have also been advised that only members from an ex-service background will be eligible to march with the Legion this year. If you have any members who are widows of service personnel killed in the line of duty but who are not ex-services themselves then they should approach the War Widows Association for tickets.   The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (the Government Department with responsibility for Remembrance activities) will this year also be organising a march that will follow behind the Legion organised march which will have a public ballot for spaces. Details of how to apply for this ballot will be released later this year and any members who are not ex-services are asked to apply to this ballot instead. To register your interest, please email the National Branches District MSO directly. Editor