Join the Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion invites all supporters of the Legion to join as members.  You can join as a Youth member from the age of 12 to 16 years or you can sign up as a full member from the age of 17 years.  Everyone is welcome to join the Legion, regardless of whether or not you have a Service background.

Benefits of Legion Membership

As a member you will receive a free subscription to Legion Magazine which comes out six times per year and has lots of information about the Legion’s work throughout the country and abroad.

You can take part in social and sporting activities at local level in your Branch or Club and also at national level.

You can become involved in ceremonial events, for example indirectly through your entitlement to tickets for the Festival of Remembrance, or directly by becoming a Standard Bearer.

As a member you have a voice in the organisation and can vote at your local Branch.  With its large membership, the Legion maintains a high profile in the public eye, which helps our lobbying effort in Westminster.

As the Nation’s custodian of Remembrance your membership of The Royal British Legion ensures the continuing memory of the sacrifice made by our Service personnel.

How to join

To join the Legion, you pay an annual Legion membership fee, which is set at the Annual Conference of the Royal British Legion and comes into effect on 1st October annually.  The membership fee for men and women over the age of 17 is set at £16.00 for the 2015-2016 financial year.   St James’s Branch charges a further £5 for Branch Subscription, to generate funds to support specific Legion charity targets on an annual basis.  You cannot join the Legion without also becoming a Branch member.

National branches have no geographical borders and you can join Legion National Branches online.  They currently include:

Our Branch, the St James’s Branch, can be joined online through this link

  • St James’s Branch (£5.00 Branch Subscription fee) – total £21.00

If you have any problems with our online joining or prefer to join by phone, please phone 0808 802 8080 and one of our staff will be happy to process your membership application over the phone.

NB: Our online joining system is not compatible with Internet Explorer version 9 or older. You will need to use IE10, IE11, Chrome or Firefox to complete your online application.

St James’s Branch is also able to offer Legion Club affiliation.  This is achieved through St James’s long partnership with the Royal British Legion Club at Bottisham in Cambridge.  Membership of the Bottisham and St James’s Club costs only £2.50 annually and will normally enable St James’s Branch members to socialise in other Legion Clubs subject to the agreement of that Club Committee.  Unfortunately, Legion Club affiliation cannot be set up online, at this time.  We are working on it.  Nevertheless, if you wish to complement your Legion membership with Club affiliation, please contact our Membership Liaison Officer, Sophie Rapson on 020 3207 2341, .  Sophie will then provide the appropriate paperwork.

Subscriptions 2015/16

To summarise, the combined Royal British Legion and St James’s annual membership fee will be £21.00 from 1 Oct 2015.  Members, who also wish to include associate membership of Legion Clubs, will be charged a further £2.50.