The HMS Sheffield Memorial update

I am pleased to publish a report from Brian Lambert (St James’s Branch Hon.Sec) who, as you will see, has been actively involved in this poignant project.



Unveiling on the 40th anniversary of the loss of HMS Sheffield 4th of May 2022

The “Shiny Sheff” memorial honours the service of all those who served in the three ships of that name for over 65 years and the 20 members of the Ship’s Company killed in action during the Falklands Conflict in 1982:

The Cruiser (C24) 1937-67. World War 11 service

The Destroyer (D80) 1970-82. Gulf and Falklands conflict

The Frigate (F96) 1986-2002. Gulf. Awarded the Wilkinson Sword of Peace


Delivery of the memorial to the National Memorial Arboretum 28 Aprll 2022

In 2020 with the 40thanniversary of the Falklands Conflict rapidly approaching, the HMS SHEFFIELD Association agreed that a memorial should be placed at the National Memorial Arboretum to honour all those who served in the three ships of that name and that there should also be a place of remembrance for the 20 men lost when the second vessel of the name was damaged in action on the 4th of May 1982.

In the spring of 2021, the artist Peter Naylor was commissioned to design a memorial reflecting  all three ships and their close association with the city of Sheffield. The City of Sheffield Master Cutler was approached for production assistance. The fabrication of the memorial was led by William Cook steel casting and supported by Tinsley Bridge, Outokumpu, and Charles Day Steels.

The project manager Brian Lambert viewing the base casting with the MD of William Cook Steel in Sheffield in January 2022

The Association is extremely proud that its memorial was made of stainless steel by skilled craftsmen in the city of Sheffield. The memorial consists of a stainless steel bow of a warship set in a stainless steel base, within in the deconstructed cruiser’s crest. The circular crest on the top of the memorial represents both destroyer and frigate.

Materials Used

Sheffield Stainless steel cast and sheet

The memorial was constructed in January to April 2022 with ground-breaking in April 2022, it was unveiled by Mrs. Penny Salt, widow of Captain Sam Salt, the Commanding Officer of the Destroyer HMS SHEFFIELD during the Falklands conflict. Mrs. Salt consecrated the memorial on the 4th of May 2022 with a bottle of seawater collected in the South Atlantic by a Royal Naval Warship.

Fabrication of the bow section at Tinsley Bridge Steel Sheffield March 2022


Positioned close to the South Atlantic Memorial and the corner of the Naval Field the memorial links the South Atlantic conflict with the large part played in that conflict by the Royal Navy and supporting Maritime services.

The design of the memorial and its manufacture in stainless steel proudly links all three ships with the City of Sheffield and its world-famous steel industries. When they were constructed all three warships were presented with ship’s bells and fittings of stainless steel made in Sheffield.

The memorial represents a warship at speed as it cuts through a dull grey sea during operations. The sea is set in the deconstructed pentagonal crest of the cruiser which links the second world war generation of sailors to the modern era. The warship crest on the top of the memorial takes the sheaf of arrows from the city of Sheffield Coat of Arms.  The sheaf of arrows is a wordplay on the River Sheaf which runs through Sheffield and is also a reference to the iron and steel-making heritage of the city.