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Issue 24, May 2022

Photo: Mark Hayes

Dear ,

A Message from Martin:

The May edition of the Waller is always a difficult one to write as it comes at a time when registrations are coming in thick and fast and we want to get the items out to you so that if you have bought a t-shirt when registering you can wear it with pride during the summer months and hopefully spread the word about RTTW and what it means to you and why we do it.

Once again we’ve seen a record year at registration and have been caught out with t shirt sales, nearly a 1000 in 24hrs. We normally order 1200, which usually requires topping up just before October, but I think we will be doing that a lot earlier. If your size isn’t in please be patient as we will be getting more in ASAP, but we need to take into account lead times.

So far this year it has been great getting out and about and seeing a tremendous amount of WALLERS promoting Ride to the Wall. The more people we make aware of our Service of Remembrance the more chance there is that the names on the Walls of the Armed forces Memorial will never be forgotten.

After a strange two years it will be only fitting that we reunite as one in October for our 15th anniversary and show our respect and remember all those that laid down their lives during active service.

Martin Dickinson, Founder, Ride To The Wall.

Armed Forces Day 2022

Armed Forces Day 2022

The Trustees and Management Committee of Ride To The Wall are pleased to be able to extend an invitation to join us for the Ride To The Wall cheque presentation to The National Memorial Arboretum for funds raised during 2021. The cheque presentation will take place at 1200 hrs within the context of the Armed Forces Day Celebrations on Saturday 25th June 2022, which will be held at The National Memorial Arboretum and will be part of a full programme of events to commemorate and celebrate Armed Forces Day.

Ride To The Wall is honoured to have been asked to display a limited number of motorcycles which will be ridden past the Armed Forces Memorial and then parked up in the National Memorial Arboretum car park. There are 200 places available for the ride in and we are pleased to be able to offer to Ride To The Wall supporters the opportunity to participate and place their motorcycles in this display.

Should you wish to be part of this display please register your interest by submitting the online form, here: https://www.rttw.org/cheque_presentation.php. Submissions received by midnight on 2nd June 2022 will be entered in a draw and then selected by a random generator. The 200 registrants selected will be contacted shortly afterwards informing them of their participation in the display and confirming the details and arrangements.

Should you NOT receive an email it will mean you have not been selected for the display but you are equally welcome and parking will be available in the car park opposite the NMA and you will be able to walk across and join in on the day. The cheque presentation is very much your day. All the funds raised during 2021 were made a reality by your support for which we are always both grateful and humbled and we would be privileged to share another unique day together and give us an opportunity to extend our gratitude for your support.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us for this unique event and look forward to seeing you at the National Memorial Arboretum on 25th June. Looking forward, it will be a busy year again and we thank you for your continued support.

The Trustees and Management Committee of Ride To The Wall.


RTTW Mission Statement

That motorcyclists may gather together and ride as a group to a place of remembrance to pay their respects to our serving and fallen servicemen and women, and in doing so raise funds for the National Memorial Arboretum, solely for the purpose of perpetuating their memory and recognising the sacrifice they made.

RTTW Core Values

  • RTTW is founded on the principles of Remembrance and Respect.
  • To remember those that can no longer ride by our side.
  • To give all motorcyclists an opportunity to pay their respects to the memory of the fallen and express our gratitude for their sacrifice.
  • To show support for the Armed Forces currently serving both at home and abroad.
  • To raise money for the upkeep of the venue that serves to perpetuate the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


RCT Riders’ Branch – Ride to the Wall 2021

The Riders’ Branch of the RASC & RCT Association is a relatively youthful (the Branch not its members) and diverse (we have riders who are current, lapsed and broken, with interest in cruisers, street, touring and sports bikes, trikes and even scooters). Having had our genesis on-line, social media has allowed us to grow our membership nationally and internationally, we now have members from such far-flung and exotic locations as Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Kenya, Essex and Fife! Many of our members also belong to their local branch of the Association.

As we are spread so far and wide it is a challenge to get together, as a result ‘Ride To The Wall’ (RTTW) – a well-established annual high profile veteran focused event has become our principal gathering. With many Branch members already attending RTTW every year, it was also sensible that we should hold our Branch AGM on this weekend at a local venue in order to encourage attendance. This year, with the very kind assistance of Defence Medical Services (DMS) Whittington, we were able to hold a very successful face to face AGM for the first time.

Perhaps I should first elaborate on RTTW for those who are unfamiliar. The Armed Forces Memorial (The Wall,) located within the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA), is a 43 metre diameter stone structure with two curved walls and two straight walls constructed of 200,000 bricks faced with Portland stone panels. The panels contain the names of over 16,000 personnel who have given their lives in the service of the Nation since the end of the Second World War. RTTW is a unique motorcycling event which gives serving, veteran and civilian motorcyclists an opportunity to gather at a place of remembrance, to pay respects to our fallen service men and women and in doing so raise funds solely for the purpose of perpetuating their memory and recognising the sacrifice made. Think Remembrance Sunday, but on motorbikes! Those taking part are invited to make a donation of £10 when they register for the ride, which, along with funds from merchandise sales, goes to the NMA, ensuring that access remains free for all. RTTW was founded by Martin Dickinson, who is himself Ex-RCT and a member of our Branch.

The Riders' Branch of the RASC & RCT Association

RTTW always takes place on the first Saturday of October each year (2021 being its 14th year), with registration for the event opening at the end of the preceding April. Riders converge on the NMA from 11 start points with marshals and escorts, whilst some riders choose to free-run in and register on the day. The ride in from Drayton Manor (a much sought-after departure point) includes the Flag Party who ride right up to the Wall at the centre of the arboretum; there are always lots of RCT flags being flown and indeed 1 Sqn flags by the more discerning riders! There is then a service of remembrance and many also take the opportunity to visit specific memorials around the NMA, Logistic Grove being the focus for RASC and RCT veterans.

The Riders' Branch

In June 2013, Her Majesty the Queen awarded RTTW the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, an annual award made to recognise and reward excellence in voluntary activities in the community. This is a significant accolade – the highest such award in the UK. Over £1.2 million has now been raised for the NMA by RTTW.

The first obstacle facing our intrepid riders this year was the Mad Max like fuel shortage that was gripping the country, many made it on mere fumes and optimism. Sadly, it must also be said that October isn’t famed for its clement weather, but on the understanding that ‘skin is waterproof’, those travelling from farther afield started to arrive in the local area on the Friday, presenting, no doubt, some welcome business for the hospitality sector, particularly in terms of beer sales, as old friendships were rekindled, memories revisited, and stories retold. There is always a sizeable contingent who ride over from Belgium and this year also saw Ex-Pats riding up from Spain.

A relatively early start on the Saturday saw riders arriving at DMS Whittington Barracks from 0900 for the AGM at 0930. Excellent facilities here were made available by the kind permission of the Commanding Officer – Wg Cdr Jayne Arscott and the RSM – WO1 James McSeveney, who even permitted the use of “his” square for the parking up of motorcycles! However, some were slower off the mark than others! Having already had mechanical bad luck with his own bike, Chairman Andrew Wright was kindly offered the loan of a motorbike for the day by Paul Goldingay the landlord of the Branch’s adopted pub, The Bull’s Head in Tamworth. It is sad to report that the high-tech wizardry of this Harley Davidson initially flummoxed our Chairman, and he was unable to fathom how to start it until he was enlightened by some fulltime ‘Hog’ riding members. Things could’ve been worse, at least he didn’t fuel it with diesel!


A packed meeting saw the business of the inaugural AGM dealt with in an efficient manner, allowing time for refreshment before we were joined by members of Airborne Riders, REME Riders, Military Police & Law Enforcement Motorcycle Group and the ‘Eights and Aces’ (a serving and veteran’s group based in NE England). In total, 154 bikes formed up on the square for the ride to the NMA (Flag Party members having already departed for Drayton Manor).

Despite hopeful prayers to the weather gods over the preceding days, the heavens opened on the ride in and continued throughout the day, making conditions “wetter than an otter’s pocket” and far more character building than was necessary! However, nothing could dampen the spirits of all who were there, either literally or metaphorically, particularly with the event not having run the previous year due to COVID restrictions (despite which £115,000 was still raised for the NMA that year, in itself a remarkable achievement!). As ever, a very moving service was conducted including musical pieces by Gari Glaysher and Abigail Carter-Simpson, and some words of wisdom and thanks from Padre Huw Evans, Founder of RTTW Martin Dickinson, RTTW Patron Air Commodore Simon Richardson and Managing Director of the NMA Phillipa Rawlinson. Formalities concluded; members met later that afternoon at The Logistic Grove where President of the Branch, Robin Moore, laid a wreath.

Many Branch members gathered that evening at a pub that supports both RTTW and the RCT in Tamworth, where thanks to a grant from the Association, the Branch was able to purchase supplies for a loyal toast, whilst Paul and Nicky Goldingay arranged for sustenance, rather fittingly provided by a food truck. Before things got too far out of hand 2 presentations were made. The President gave the Bull’s Head a painting of an RCT Section commander on a Can-Am 250, which was gratefully received by Paul and Nicky and is now displayed alongside a growing collection of RCT and Branch memorabilia in the Pub.

RCT Rider

The Chairman presented the Welfare Officer, Berni Wilkins, with a pair of toasting glasses for her to use during her nightly toasts to absent friends. After closing-time the more determined “continued the movement” at Aldergate Club in Tamworth, where Dougie McPhee excelled with his ‘dad dancing’ and Branch members met the comedian, John Bishop.

Sadly that is all until next year…

Dave Nelson (Secretary)

Photographs by kind permission of Rosi McIsaac and Robin Moore.



Paul Tudor (FJ)
Paul Tudor (FJ)
25/02/76 – 27/02/22

Ron Blundell
Ron Blundell
10/02/1953 – 13/04/2022


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