Membership Council Update

Good afternoon everyone,

 As Chairman of the Membership Council and Trustee of the Legion I just wanted to extend my grateful thanks to all of you who abided by the Legion and Government advice not to come together in acts of commemoration and the VE75 celebrations.  I appreciate that this was upsetting for every one of us as we had all been planning and preparing events for a long time and wanted to do our best for the anniversary.  However, in these times we must think ‘service, not self’ but in a way, we may not have done before.  It is our responsibility to ensure the most vulnerable in society are protected from this dreadful pandemic and following the Government guidelines is the least we can do to ‘do our bit’. 

 There are more anniversaries and events approaching. I am thinking particularly of VJ75 and Armed Forces Day, but our position remains that we must approach these as we did VE75 and maintain that all non-essential RBL meetings and gatherings should be cancelled or postponed.

 We will be closely monitoring government advice and will adapt our guidance accordingly as and when we feel able. When that happens, we will of course let you know straight away.  

In the meantime, thank you again for your stoicism and support. I hope you and those close to you remain safe and well.


 Jason Coward


Chairman, Membership Council

Trustee, National Memorial Arboretum