Government losing ‘moral’ argument as Commonwealth veterans charged thousands to stay in UK

Ministry of Defence Main Building.

The Government is losing the “moral” argument in charging foreign and Commonwealth-born veterans £2,389 to remain in the UK after leaving the forces, says former paratrooper and Labour MP Dan Jarvis.

Fees also apply to each family member wishing to stay in the UK, and a petition to put an end to the process has been signed by more than 195,000 people. Mr Jarvis told Forces News it costs “only about £240” to process the visa applications, condemning a “huge profit” being turned and applicants “essentially being milked”.

Migration Minister Kevin Foster said current Government thinking could see visa fees waived after 12 years’ service – known as the ‘initial engagement period’.

Mr Jarvis hoped ministers would reflect on campaigners’ view that fees should be scrapped after five years’ service.

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