Covid-19: Executive Board update

Please see below an update on Covid 19 related activity from the Executive Board:

Care Homes

 We continue working on the supply of PPE, getting the right type and enough stock for those working in our care homes. The supply chain is challenging for PPE, but this remains a priority and we currently have enough.  Recruitment is still taking place for Care Home staff to ensure we have the right number of staff in place.  We also want to find different ways to support our residents and we are currently working with some of our corporate partners on developing activity packs to help provide more things for residents to do during this time.

Benefits Debit and Money Advice service

 We are now promoting the expanded remit of our Benefits Debt and Money Advice serviceThis service was originally focused on supporting beneficiaries through the tribunal system when appealing decisions made on their claims for benefits or through the difficult legal processes of bankruptcy or debt relief orders. But with more people than ever facing additional financial pressures as a result of the pandemic, our team of expert advisors are offering specialist Covid-19 related advice to guide people through the new legislation and support measures available to help maximise their income. 

VE day – Friday 08 May

Our original plans for VE day changed substantially as we, of course, can’t hold face-to-face events. However, there is a programme of remote activities to commemorate the anniversary.  More information can be found on our website at

One Legion strategy

 Just before lockdown began, we’d shared our new strategy with you all. Due to the pandemic, our strategy work was paused as we focused on the changes the Legion needed to make in response to the lockdown. We are picking up on our strategy work again and once we have more information to share on this, we’ll update you.

Planning for coming out of lockdown

 Planning for how we come out of lockdown has of course been part of our discussions. We are forming a small team to plan for this and in response to government information as it becomes available. As the Legion has many different services and teams, how we come out of lockdown will look different across the charity.

What will be at the heart of our approach is ensuring we maintain our service provision for our beneficiaries and looking after the welfare of employees, alongside following government guidance. In our planning, we will be looking at both the immediate and longer-term for how we’ll need to work in future and consider some of the positives that have come from our new ways of working and how we may be able to maintain these.

We will find out the government’s approach to lifting lockdown at the same time as everyone else, so we won’t have the answers immediately for how the Legion will manage this, but we would like to reassure you that we will keep you updated on our planning and decisions.

We also now have a Trustees Covid-19 subcommittee, which is a smaller group of Trustees that the Executive Board takes key items to for discussion and decisions. This enables a quicker review of our plans and decision making. For example, we are having some really good discussions with them on Remembrancetide this year, as we need to review plans in these changing times, both in practical terms in case social distance measures are in still in place, but also considering more widely our national role in Remembrance in light of this unprecedented crisis we find ourselves in.

With very best wishes, 

Charles Byrne, Director-General 
Antony Baines, Director of Operations 
Karen Gill, Interim Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development 
Daniel Oppenheimer, Director of Finance, IT & Commercial 
Claire Rowcliffe, Director of Fundraising 
Gary Ryan, Director of Remembrance & Marketing