Behind the the Virus

I often question how successful we are at sharing the wonder of all the Royal British Legion accomplishes 24/7 365 days a year? Yet, whilst the world has been turned on its head we have found that some divisions of the TRBL have found themselves at the centre of the rolling news cycle.

For obvious reasons our care homes group have been part of the wider conversations on the topics of social care, the ubiquitous “R” value and why have the hundreds of thousands of residents in care homes been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19? Suffice to say the herculean and unselfish efforts made by all the staff at our six care homes, have achieved the near-impossible in preserving normality for the majority of our residents. RBL Care Homes latest news

With so many events in preparation to commemorate VE Day 75, VJ Day 75, the miracle of “Operation Dynamo” (Dunkirk) and countless others at the start of the pandemic, the considerable efforts to change course have been a huge success with virtual reality/digital media playing its part along with two glorious interviews with residents at RBL Galanos House and Mais House.

One of the biggest losses to the Veteran’s Community has been the cancellation of all the school visits by members who consistently share their stories with pupils and highlight the wonders of The Royal British Legion’s efforts; who we help, how they can be supported, how pupils can get involved and most importantly, the reasons for remembrance and why it is so important in shaping all our futures. With all the gatherings cancelled, it is good to know that the message was still shared around the country with many schools creating online projects for everyone to enjoy.





Some of you will remember that a young member of my family, Will, posed some questions to me a while ago for his school project, including explaining the message behind the Poppy, the answers I gave generated a lot of comment from you. Over the last few weeks Will, along with his sisters Vini & Connie have been spreading the word for us with another project, having a celebration and wanting to say thank you to all of you. On your behalf, I say thank you to them, message received.


Regards and stay safe,