Veterans Find Strength in Coffee

As you know we occasionally dispatch “Our Man” to find new support initiatives for our Veterans, this is his latest inspirational find. Editor

After serving with the Army for 12 years and being medically retired from his subsequent career as a prison officer, 45-year-old Coffee2Combat founder Nigel Seaman began suffering from depression, anxiety and flashbacks from an incident experienced during his time on operations with the armed forces.
A private counsellor referred Nigel to the Combat Stress organisation and with support and intervention from them, he was formally diagnosed as suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
With their help, Nigel was accepted onto a 6-week trauma related course which has assisted in his ongoing recovery from this terrible mental health condition and he is now starting to feel more and more like his old self.
During his time working with Combat Stress and after completing the 6-week trauma course, Nigel was referred to Help 4 Heroes for some ongoing support in the community. Since then, the Help 4 Heroes organisation along with Combat Stress have been the backbone of Nigel’s recovery and their support and encouragement were the inspiration for the creation of Combat2Coffee– a way for Nigel to provide purposeful rehabilitation, veteran outreach & a training course to recovering veterans and their families to give back to the support network that Nigel says, “saved his life”. 
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