Message from Conference Committee Chairman

Dear All,

At the Annual Conference Committee meeting this week we discussed the Motions that many of you have raised in preparation for Annual Conference this year.

As you will all be aware there is a Charter Motion that has been put forward by the Board of Trustees this year, of which the full information is due to be provided to Branches in the upcoming March Circular.

The Committee felt that there was a lot of information to read and digest with regards this Charter Motion and concerns were raised that if we wait until later in March to send out this information, that some Branches may not have meetings scheduled in order to meet and discuss (e.g. Branches that meet every other month etc.).

Therefore we took the decision to send the Royal Charter Motion Pack to you all via email now. Please can you ensure that this is forwarded to your Branches.

Please note that a printed copy will continue to be provided as part of the March Circular.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Bournemouth.

Kind Regards,


Anny Reid

Trustee and Chairman of the Conference Committee

Appendix A – Draft Royal Charter and Rules – FINAL

Appendix B – Royal Charter Review – Summary of Advice – FINAL

Appendix C – Royal Charter Review – Destination Table – FINAL

Cover Note for Royal Charter Motion Pack – FINAL

Royal Charter Motion for Annual Conference 2019 – FINAL