“A Brave Face” an insightful and inspirational perspective of PTSD

As most of you know, The Armed Forces and the Third Sector Military Charities are actively searching for improved means of identifying, treating and supporting past and current members of our armed forces, along with their families who are coping with the day to day challenges of PTSD.


One vital aspect of this challenge is to generate a greater awareness of the topic across the wider communities that can help support those servicemen, servicewomen and their families in achieving a better quality of life. The team at RBL Galanos House been invited to one such initiative; giving them an opportunity to learn more about PTSD, its effects on individuals and families; and how they can be supported. 


Members of the team at the Vamos Theatre in Worcester have already shared their expertise at RBL Galanos House, adding to the growing list of experts who make such a difference at this multi-award winning retirement home.
 BRAVE FACE – Current touring show
MASK MAKING WEEKEND for Veterans – FREE!! (second workshop in listing – please scroll down)
Listening With Your Eyes workshop training for carers
Finally, they had a knowledge sharing day at Vamos Theatre recently, which was a celebration of theatre venues becoming dementia friendly. You might be interested to read more about it..
Take the time to have a look at the links above, you won’t be disappointed.
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